Tomato knife La Fourmi olive wood handle

A lovely knife with a finely serrated blade ideal for slicing tomatoes.  The curved stainless steel blade is very solid, and the olive wood handle lends it a touch of elegance and rustic charm.  Hand-wash only.


Availability: Out of stock

€6,50 inc. tax



  • Scott Nichols

    1 Scott Nichols On 13/09/2021

    Is the Tomato knife still available and do you ship to Australia? Thank you.

    caroline-bird On 23/10/2021

    Hi Scott, We do ship to Australia! Unfortunately I am out of stock on this model, we will restock in early December!
  • Regilio Blagrove

    2 Regilio Blagrove On 15/02/2021

    Dear Reader,

    Do you also ship toP ays-Bas?

    caroline-bird On 16/02/2021

    Yes we do! :) Caroline

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