Mini Chef Knife

This little Chef Knife, part of the "Mini Chef" line by the Italian brand Montana, was specifically designed for kids who want to learn to cook.   If its small size and rounded tip were made with children's security in mind, this model is equally great for adults as well!  Its blade is just as sharp as that of a professional chef knife, and its handle is non-slip and very comfortable.  Easy-to-use and with an unbeatable price-quality ratio, this mini knife is sure to be a hit with the whole family!

Made in Italy.  Total lenght 13cm.

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€14,50 inc. tax



  • Cecilia

    1 Cecilia On 07/02/2020

    Hello, I would like to purchase the three knives from the "mini chef" line for children, but I cannot seem to find how to purchase through the webpage. Can you please explain how to put items in my cart? Thank you!

    caroline-bird On 11/03/2020

    Bonjour Cecilia, Vous pouvez dès maintenant acheter ces couteaux. En fait le site a été fermé à l'achat pendant tout le mois de Février. Merci, Caroline

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