Seafood Scissors

This novelty item from the Swiss brand MOHA easily slices open even the hardest seafood pincers.  Shrimp, lobsters, king prawns, crabs - the "Scampo" scissor does it all, and without tearing the meat!  The opening in the middle breaks the claw while the sharp, pointy little pike cuts through the shell.  Comfortable and easy to use, this scissor is a must-have for those who love seafood, and can be taken apart for more thorough cleaning.  With a 5-year guarantee.  Stainless steel blade.

Ciseau a crustaces pince homard copieCiseau a crustaces patte crabe copie

Ciseau a crustaces 25503 situ queue homard copieCiseau a crustaces crevette copie

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€15,32 inc. tax

  • Condition : new
  • Manufacturer : Moha

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