La Coutellerie Audebert-Leglinel

The Coutellerie Audebert-Leglinel has been active on the market in the southwest of France for over 30 years.  The business, created and developed by Liliane Audebert and Philippe Leglinel, was later taken over by their son, Samuel Leglinel, who continues to provide market-goers with an excellent selection of knives and kitchen utensils.  

With the vast majority of our suppliers and distributors coming from the region of Thiers, our Coutellerie collaborates with world-famous French brands such as Opinel and Laguiole.  We also aim, however, to introduce our clients to other skilled manufacturers and styles, notably douk-douk and Thiers Issard.  Whether they're table knives, pocket knives, or kitchen knives, we are pleased to offer you a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all your needs.

We are also proud to present you with a diversity of gadets and tools for your kitchen, be they vegetable peelers, cake moulds, graters, or food mills.  We also have fantastic canelé moulds for those of you wishing to try your hand at a typical French dessert from the southwest.  

For those of you who would like to check out the local markets, we are currently at the market in Castillon-la-Bataille, Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, and Libourne.  You can find us all summer at Cap-Ferret and Piraillan.   In 2018 we opened a store in our village in Dordogne.  The Coutellerie de Thiers is located at 67 route de Bergerac, 24230 Lamothe Montravel.  We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00-12:30 and 15:00-19:00 as well as Sunday from 9:30-12:30.


  • Ouina Rutledge

    1 Ouina Rutledge On 22/09/2021

    I would like to order and have two knives shipped to the US. Do you ship and if so, how do I order them? Thank you so much for your assistance.
    Ouina Rutledge
  • Marit van der Sleen

    2 Marit van der Sleen On 17/09/2019

    I have put some things in my cart and I want to order to the Netherlands. Now the website is saying: Please choose a carrier for your order. I cannot see where I can choose that. Can you help me out please?
  • David Hampshire

    3 David Hampshire On 15/02/2018

    Je voudrais commander 3 'sabot' kitchen knives (€6.50). Quand est-ce que vous en aurez encore en stock?

    caroline-bird On 01/10/2018

    Hello Mr. Hampshire, We will have more of the knives from Au Sabot at the end of this month (both plastic and wood handles).
  • SML

    4 SML On 10/02/2018

    do you ship to Canada and if so, how much?

    caroline-bird On 01/10/2018

    We do ship to Canada. The price depends on the amount of your order - count 12 to 15 Euros for orders under 96 Euros, above which transportation is free.
  • Pat Boucher

    5 Pat Boucher On 15/11/2017

    I am trying to get some au sabot/ Le sabot vegetable knives I had some with wooden handles but they are very old and not dishwasher friendly
    I would like some with the coloured plastic handles
    I need the ones which have a blade 9cm long - overall length with handle is about 19cm
    Do you have any and what are your charges to post to England

    caroline-bird On 01/10/2018

    Hello Pat, We do carry the Sabot paring knives with plastic handles. Shipping to England costs from €6.80 to €7.50 depending on the total of your order.

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