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Now is the time for us to roll out our new products for Fall 2016.  Our criteria are still the same, with innovation, quality, and astuteness being the most important aspects of our products.  Which means, cooking fans, that you have a lot of new things to admire!  

Let's get started with the fabulous Tablet Stand from the Swedish brand Bosign.  Have you found your recipe online?  Would you like to listen to some music while cooking? Are you looking for tips and tricks for your next dish?  The Tablet Stands allows you to do all that comfortably and easily!  You've got three different ways you can pose your Ipad, Kindle, Nook, or other : flat, horizontally, or vertically.  Truly ingenious!  

 Support tablette tablet stand demo photo

We've also found this clever little product:  the Fridge Mag.  This brand new magnifying glass can be used to enlarge all of the little print on labels and recipes, and can also help decipher expiration dates.  Thanks to its magnetic properties, the Fridge Mag can stay on the fridge, and is thus always close at hand.  An excellent product for those who have trouble seeing!  

Loupe magnet fridge mag gris situ 1Loupe magnet fridge mag rouge situ 2

For all the bakers out there, we are proud to present two new articles from our baking mould collection:  The Pie Tin "Bakeramics" and the Mini Springform Cake Mould.

This new pie mould has a lovely ceramic coating that is not only non-stick but also rather ecological.  Ceramic emits no toxic discharge, contains no chemical substances, and uses up much less CO2 during the manufacturing process.  A wonderful product for the green-minded consumer!  

Moule tarte quiche ceramique

The Mini Springform Cake Mould, very à la mode, is perfect for making little cakes, cheesecakes, or panna cotta in individual portion sizes.  This product is part of a beautiful range of grey non-stick moulds, and contains no PFOA.  

Mle bord amovible mini

We've also introduced the Ham Support for those who enjoy quality ham!  Sturdy and hygienic, this elegant stainless-steel support allows you to cut thin slices safely and securely.  Fans of Spanish Pata Negra will love it! 

Support jambon inoxSupport a jambon inox 2

If the stainless steel support is best, we also have a foldable one with the base in Bamboo for those prefer wooden accessories. 

Support a jambon bambou inoxSupport jambon bambou plie

And last but not least, our much-coveted item of the Summer:  The Beverage Distributer/Ice Bucket!  Trendy and creative, there's nothing better for birthday parties or other special occasions.  Fill it up with sangria, punch, juice, or any other of your favorite cocktails!  The distributer holds up to 5.76 litres, and comes with an ice bucket that also serves as a base for stability.

Distributeur boissons seau a glaceDistributeur boissons seau a glace 2

We invite you to go ahead and have a look at all of our other products.  Christmas is approaching quickly, and as you can see, we have some excellent gift ideas!



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