The Mini Chef Line: Something for the whole family!

caroline-bird By On 05/07/2018 0

Amongst our new items this year you'll find the Mini Chef line from the Italian brand Montana.  These knives are specially designed for kids hoping to have a try at food preparation.  This line is comprised of a series of three small models:  The santoku, the chef's knife, and the bread knife.  Unlike normal cooking knives, the mini santoku and the mini chef's knife are made with a round tip for an extra touch of security.  Careful though - the blade is just as sharp as a professional knife thanks to a precise sharpening finish!  Even if these models exist for kids who love cooking, parents will also come to appreciate the small, comfortable handle and the efficiency of the slim blade.  Marvellous tools for the whole family, and a great gift idea for all those chefs in the making!   


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