Summer Gadgets: The best tools for your fruits & veggies

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The intense heat of the past couple of weeks has done a lot of good for local gardens.  The plants are in great shape this summer, but before you sit down and enjoy your seasonal fruits & veggies, I'm going to show you the best kitchen accessories for preparing them.  We've got a whole heap of utensils for your summertime dishes, and here we're going to show you the most popular.

Let's start with tomatoes.  One of the best parts of summer is the excellent taste and texture of ripe seasonal tomatoes, and there are thousands of recipes that use them to their advantage.   One of our best-sellers on the market is, without a doubt, the tomato peeler.  This wonderful peeler works on just about all fruits and vegetables, but it's serrated blade is made especially for those with a thin skin.  We've also got two great tomato knives:  The olivewood handle model by La Fourmi and the more playful tomatohead model.  The thin, curved, and sharp serrated blades will last for years.  If you're afraid of the bigger mandolin slicers, there is nothing better than these knives for slicing your tomatoes.  

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Cucumbers and Courgettes (Zucchini): For those who do prefer the rapidity and efficiency of mandolin slicers, we've got two lovely ones : the simple v-shape model and the "universal" 3-accessory slicer which also allows you to make matchstick & waffle shapes.  Both benefit from extremely sharp blades, so both come with a protective cover for your fingers.  The simple model is also adjustable, meaning you can make both thin and large slices depending on the dish you're making.

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One of our other preferred accessories for courgettes is the Castor Julienne Peeler.  The pointed little teeth on the blade are used for making vegetable spaghetti, which is an excellent way to liven up your salads.  (Tip:  Leaving the skin on  your courgettes makes for an even prettier effect!)  

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Finally, we have the double-sided Melon Spoon for making mini melon or mango spheres.  Like the Castor "Julienne", this little tool is great for adding a decorative touch to your hors d'ouevres or desserts! 

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We do hope that all of these little gadgets will help you take advantage of your summer harvest!  For those of you who don't have a garden (or who don't have a green thumb), keep in mind that your local market is the best place to get fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables (especially tomatoes!). 

Have a wonderful holiday! 

Caroline et Samuel


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