Our heart stops for hearts!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we're getting close to St. Valentine's Day.  That means hearts everywhere.  Try as we might to resist the assault of red and pink hearts, let's at least admit that it's not easy to resist!  We certainly have all year to tell our loved ones that we care, but Valentine's Day is all the same one of the best times to do so.  Might as well do it with style!  The moulds "With Love" will help you make either a fabulous cake, or charming little mini-cakes that will please everyone who means something to you!

Mle pavonidea coeur with loveMoule pavo coeur 3

Heart Mould PAVONIDEA "With Love"


Mle pavo coeurs 284 a hd copie Mle 1

Moule Pavonidea 8 Coeurs "With Love" 


We also have this magnificent copper-plated cookie cutter with a handle.  Simple, elegant, and perfect for making delectable biscuits!.

Dp coeur cuivre copie

Découpe-pâte Coeur


And to finish up, this marvellous cake mould "Love", ideal for making sweet or savory treats! 

Shape your cake love 1Mle pavo shape your cake love tranche copie

Heart Mould "Shape your cake" PAVONIDEA


Whether you pass it with family, friends, or your significant other, we do hope you'll have a very nice Valentine's Day!

The Audebert-Leglinel Team


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