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Last week Samuel and I took off, truck empty, to go and buy merchandise.  It's a voyage we take every year in the late spring, crossing counties and even borders now in search of kitchen tools traditional, new, and everything in between.  We are always on the lookout for something interesting, and some of our unusually pretty and useful things were long out of stock!   

So, exclusively for out market clients (for the moment), here's a snapshot of some of the treasuers we came back with:

Olivewood spoons, spatulas, bowls, and salad forks with painted handles.  A beautiful and vibrant accessory sure to brighten up your kitchen! 

Olivier marche


The "Little Bird Pot Pal" spoon holder in silicone.  Making a curry but hoping to keep your kitchen counter clean?  Look no further!  Handy but cute, this little bird is useful while making stews or any other saucy dish.

Little bird pot pals


We were also lucky to come upon some superb nogent knives with brightly colored handles.  The tiny serrated teeth on the blade are the same as on the traditional model, but the bright green, pink, and blue of the handles mean much less rummaging around in the kitchen drawer!   These knives are also a good gift idea for those who tend to mistakenly throw their cooking utensils with the veggie skins into the bin or compost.

And next to the lovely new nogents is the rosewood and stainless steel truffle slicer.  Elegant and solid, this slicer (good for so much more than truffles!) was quite a hit last summer with out market clients.

Mandoline nogent couleurs


The Santoku model was also amongst our new items last year, but this year we've picked up some with a lovely lavender handle.  We again managed to find a stock of big kitchen knives with the wooden handles, but the shape is quite different this time around.

Santoku violet

Sanelli manche bois


Some of these items will be available on this site in a week or two.  Please don't hesitate to come and see us on the market!  We've got all sorts of good finds at our stall.

À bientôt! 

Caroline and Samuel




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