Celebrate Easter with style!

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Spring's imminent arrival always signals Easter's and, with that, spring break.  In a festive mood?  So are we!  Whether this spring gets off to a sunny start or a rainy one, we have plenty of ideas to help you celebrate the change of season.  Let's start with the moulds "Easter Delight" and "Ovette" that will help you make some lovely desserts: 

Paques easter delight 2 Paques ovettes

Mle pavo paques ovettes happy easter 4Mle pavo paques ovettes happy easter 3


If you prefer cookies, we also have the new "Easter Dolcetti" with which you can make beautiful pastel Easter cookies.  Decorating them wiht the bright colors of spring is an excellent activity to do with the kids or with friends!

Paques easter dolcetti

         Mle pavo paques easter dolcetti 8Mle pavo paques easter dolcetti 6Mle pavo paques easter dolcetti 9Mle pavo paques easter dolcetti 7

Mle pavo paques easter dolcetti 4


Here we get back to eggs with this chocolate mould "Choco-Ice Ovette".  There's nothing better for making not only chocolates, but also ice cubes, mini-cookies, caramels, and even savory treats as hors d'oeuvres!  

Paques chocolats ovette

Mle 20 chocolats ovette 3Mle 20 chocolats ovette 4

And finally, don't forget all of our other egg-related tools:  Poachies for making poached eggs,  the egg timer for following their progress, the coupe-oeuf à la coque, and the toquer à oeuf for slicing the shell, whether the egg is hard-boiled or soft!  

Coupe oeuf coque 208 hd copieMinuteoeuf brixToqeur a oeufs


As for our market days, we will be in Cap Ferret on Wednesdays the 13th, 20th, et 27th of April.  For Easter Monday, we will be at the festival of Castillon-la-Bataille all day.

We wish you a happy Easter and a good holiday!  


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